Mp3 File: Lil Tecca – Our Time

Mp3 File: Lil Tecca - Our Time
Mp3 File: Lil Tecca – Our Time

Lil Tecca – Our Time Free Mp3 Leak Download

“Our Time” is the second single from Lil Tecca’s debut album Virgo World. On the track, Tecca expresses his feelings towards how past friends have treated him ever since his initial spark in fame, even name-dropping and praising close friend, MBM Vell.

The track was initially previewed by Tecca in September 2019 via his Twitter. However, the track was then further previewed months later on March 13, 2020 via Tecca’s Instagram.

The track also serves as the second rendition of his April 2018 single “My Time”. The track’s original and colloquial name “My Time 2” was ultimately changed due to the conflict between the artist and the producer of the original “My Time”.

Check out some of The lyrics Below:

[Verse 1]
I don’t know what’s goin’ on
I’m gettin’ to the racks, now that nigga call me “Bro” (Nigga call me “Bro”)
Now they pull up to my show (Now they pull up to my show)
I’m just doing me, they comparin’ all my flows (They comparin’ all my flows)
And they don’t even know (And they don’t even know)
And you don’t even know, and we don’t even know
I just know I’m ’bout to blow, I just know I’m ’bout to go (Jayron made it right)

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