Mp3 File: Jennifer Lopez – Lonely Ft. Maluma

Mp3 File: Jennifer Lopez - Lonely Ft. Maluma
Mp3 File: Jennifer Lopez – Lonely Ft. Maluma

leak: Jennifer Lopez – Lonely Ft. Maluma Free Mp3 Download

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Based on Lopez, Marry Me will embody new music on its soundtrack from each her and Maluma. “I did an album with this film, so there are all new songs, new music with it, so it is thrilling,” she mentioned earlier this 12 months on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I’ve six to eight songs, and Maluma does two or three.”

In a 15-second preview posted simultaneously on both J.Lo and Maluma’s social media accounts, the two artists revealed that their first-ever collaboration is coming this week.

“My two-song collaboration ‘Pa’ Ti – Lonely’ with Maluma is almost here!” Lopez expressed.

The two-part premiere in addition to a behind-the-scenes video will launch at 6 p.m. ET on Thursday (Sept. 24) via TikTok Live.

Two months ago, Maluma asked fans on Instagram: “Who do you think is the foolish one and who do you think is the wise one of the two?” assuring that they were “recording a hit.”

J.Lo and Maluma are confirmed for a can’t-miss Superstar Q&A conversation at the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Week, where they will speak about their new music together, their upcoming film, Marry Me, as well as how Latinos are changing the landscape in both Hollywood and the music industry.

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