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IFI’s International Research Housing Scholarships for Master’s in Computer Science

Project objective: The IFI scholarship program is endorsed for a period from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2022. Applications for research remains should accordingly be finished by 30 June 2022.

The purpose of the program is to help research remains of outstandingly qualified Energetic German analysts in the field of man-made reasoning just as in the field of software designing and close by regions at unimaginable assistant foundations abroad.

Who Can Apply For The Grant?

Better than anticipated qualified understudies can apply for master’s projects in the significant branches of information.

If you don’t have a German identity, an application is possible under specific conditions: More information

What Is Being Affected By The Scholarship?

Assessment remains abroad is supported as an element of the Master’s proposal at a German school. The investigation task can be finished at a school, a non-school research association, or a mechanical assessment lab. Interest in courses abroad isn’t supported. Scholarships are not surrendered as subsequent subsidizing to an indistinguishable or longer DAAD grant.

Length Of Scholarship: The span of the honor is one to a half year.

The scholarship isn’t inexhaustible. Rehashed application is possible, given that preventing downtime on any occasion one year is seen between the assurance of a first short scholarship and the start of a second short scholarship.

The scholarship incorporates the going with advantages:

  1. A month to month scholarship rate, constrained by the host country.
  2. Travel settlement depending upon the host country.
  3. Prosperity, mishap, and private commitment security benefits.
  4. Also, various advantages may be permitted on interest under specific conditions,
  5. Grant for instructive expenses up to the greatest limit; given that instructive expenses are not used to cover courses,
  6. Family benefits for going with companions or regular accomplices and youngsters,
  7. Grant for development in the host country straightforwardly related to the task (if you wouldn’t fret present a statement with the insistence of the administered school teacher with the application).

Basic Requirements For Apply For The Scholarship: The affirmation prerequisites for the Master’s assessment should usually as of now be met at the hour of use and the subject of the Master’s proposition must be resolved. Candidates are also expected to have just dealt with the subject of the work and to have solid thoughts on the best method to do it. Because of joint ventures, competitors are obliged to explain in detail which sub-ventures they will go after as a part of the overall task.

Mercifully do your investigation of the information appropriate to the plausibility of the endeavor (for instance satisfaction of the affirmation prerequisites, possible clashing home, and travel customs). We give some significant information to you on the DAAD country pages. The commitment concerning conforming to time constraints at new colleges, which may as of now go before the consequence of the scholarship assurance (for instance enrolment cutoff times), lies concerning the candidates.

The DAAD acquires composed master feelings from school instructors during the decision strategy.

Selection Rules: Specific consideration should be paid to:

  1. Scholastic capabilities, as estimated by scholarly accomplishments and master assessments;
  2. The idea of the task, as estimated by the instructive arrangement and letters of inspiration; idea of the endeavor incorporates the going with viewpoints: the support of the application, the authenticity, and possibility of the endeavor, the state of readiness of the stay abroad, the embedding of the stay in the scholarly employment and the association with scholastic or master points of view,
  3. Language and neighborhood data,
  4. extra-specialized data, interests, and extra-specialized obligations.

More data on the IFI program can be found on the accompanying site:


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