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Full Information About Berlin artist Scholarship Program of the DAAD

The DAAD’s Berlin Artists’ Program (BKP) is one of the world’s most famous craftsman in-living arrangement programs for built up specialists in the visual expressions, film, writing and music.

Information About Berlin artist Scholarship Program of the DAAD
Information About Berlin artist Scholarship Program of the DAAD

Scholarship Program Description.

The Berlin craftsman program considers itself to be a stage for workmanship and social exchange past Europe. Consistently around 20 Scholarships advertised for a for the most part one-year stay in Berlin. The grants are focused on fantastic and universally settled craftsmen from abroad. The purpose of the Berlin craftsman program is to offer visitors space for their work, to propel the assorted assortment and assorted assortment of esthetic positions, and to strengthen the chance of workmanship and the word. The award holders thusly also have every chance to make, to work on their work, or to exchange thoughts.

Target Social event (Anticipated Applicants).

Worldwide known and phenomenal specialists from abroad who need to come to Berlin to manage their works and to exchange thoughts. Age doesn’t have an effect.

Grant Preferred position (Scholarship Bit of leeway)

The award benefits as consistently scheduled payments enable a fitting lifestyle; furnished lofts and workrooms are given. Travel and stuff costs (likewise for accomplices and youngsters on the off chance that they stay in Berlin during the entire welcome time period), just as wellbeing, Mishap security, and German exercises.

The application reports and extra information on the application cycle can be found here. In addition, underneath is a hidden layout of the most significant work tests that must be assembled by post :

Essayist: own distributions if possible in German, regardless in a perfect world in English or French, close to 4-5 books; Reviews. No compositions.

Writers: Scores, records, CDs, DVDs, sound tapes, videotapes, own distributions, close to 3-4 sound examples. The materials should be actually organized with one another.

Film producers: Tapes, DVDs, contents – close to 2 work tests, in a perfect world later and with captions. A summary must be affixed to each film. Greatest survey time: 15 minutes for each up-and-comer.

Note: You can’t have an effect all alone in the visual expressions class. A plan gathering recommends solicitations to universally known specialists.

Application Cutoff Time: Global juries, which meet in Berlin each spring with advancing individuals, talk about the application. The decision choices will by then be conferred to the candidates as fast as time permits. The invited will likewise discover the length, degree, and all various subtleties of their award.


Berlin artist program of the DAAD
Markgrafenstra├če 37
D-10117 Berlin
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