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Full Breakdown On HAW. Worldwide Scholarship: Semester Stays and Last Housing Proposals for Students

Practice-situated investigations at colleges of applied sciences and schools of applied sciences (HAW/FH) are significantly respected in Germany and around the world. The DAAD underpins the understudies of HAW/FH during their stays abroad and the colleges in community ventures with worldwide accomplices. More information in general HAW program movement. Universally under

HAW. Worldwide Scholarship
HAW. Worldwide Scholarship

Understudies in bachelor’s, Astroland confirmation programs at German HAW/FH get grants in this program for a stay abroad as a segment of their investigations or hypothesis.

Who Can Apply For The Scholarship?

Understudies, taking everything into account, can apply in bachelor’s, master’s, and confirmation programs at German HAW/FH.

If you don’t have a German personality, an application is possible under specific conditions: More information

Advantage Of The Scholarship

  • Study stays and remains abroad are maintained as a component of a postulation.
  • Simultaneous financing through Erasmus or PROMOS and HAW. All around the world, it is dismissed.

Span of the Scholarship: The span of the honor changes as demonstrated by the sort of remain:

  • Study remains 3 to a half-year;
  • Remains as an element of the postulation 1 to a half year.

Award administrations: The award incorporates the going with accomplishments:

  • A month to month grant rate, directed by the host country,
  • travel stipend, the measure of which differs according to the host country,
  • Prosperity, mishap, and private risk insurance benefits,
  • for study stays: grant for instructive expenses up to a rooftop (dependent upon the country of a target),

for proposal: grant for development in the host country straightforwardly related to the endeavor.

Additionally, family advantages may be yielded to going with companions or regular accomplices and kids under specific conditions.

View the month to month DAAD award rate for a specific country/status: Scholarship Number cruncher. These award rates are subject to permit grants allowed for awards in the scholarly year 2020/2021.


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